On average, approximately 50% of all Americans who marry for the first time end their relationships in divorce. Unfortunately, the statistics are worse for those who choose to marry a second time, with an average percent of 65 annually. Each additional marriage carries even more grim statistics.

Divorce has become commonplace in society

In the past, fewer people sought out divorce as a means to leave their spouse. Most couples simply chose to stay married and refrained from seeking a divorce unless circumstances were dire. There was also a negative stigma associated with divorced women that was especially obvious. However, over the past few decades, many views changed.

Almost everywhere you turn today, there are signs of couples breaking up. It seems like the news reporters cannot help revealing celebrity divorces and thanks to social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, you can watch the events as they unfold. Even watching a television show can be interrupted by breaking news of some Hollywood actor announcing a separation or divorce.

The reality is many people will experience a divorce at least once in their lifetime. While the process affects each person differently, the result remains the same. Your relationship is over. Couples who seek divorce usually do so after long and difficult consideration. It can be an extremely stressful time and should be managed accordingly.

What is the main cause for divorce?

There is no one main cause for divorce. The reasons can vary as much as the individuals themselves. Some couples can argue about the same issue for years without looking for a way out. Others may have had a disagreement that will result in one or the other filing for divorce.

There are certain situations like finances that can cause a marriage to deteriorate. Too much worry about paying bills and maintaining a household can lead to extreme stress and resentment. These two symptoms can wear a relationship down over time. As a couple, you should try to keep each other informed of the finances to make joint decisions.

Lack of communication can be a marriage killer as well. Constantly keeping your spouse uninformed about key information can leave them with feelings of self-doubt. This may also lead to trust issues. If you are not comfortable sharing things with your partner, your marriage may begin to suffer, especially if your partner perceives this type of behavior as secretive.

Infidelity is another common reason for divorce. When someone is having an affair outside of the marriage, it can have catastrophic effects. There can be an enormous amount of guilt and anger involved and the union can be dissolved. While some couples have reported that their relationships have improved because of infidelity, many more agree that divorce is the only solution.

How much does a divorce cost?

Divorce rates vary from state to state and from attorney to attorney. Some fees are considered standard, but divorce itself is not cheap. You should plan to spend at least $500 to $1000 depending on the work that needs to be done.

For example, the basic charges include filing the divorce and serving the divorce documents. The fee to file the divorce with your state is mandatory and is the first step in the process. You may be charged anywhere from $200 to $300. Hiring a process server can start at $25 and should not exceed $75. Your attorney’s fees are usually arranged in advance.

The type of divorce you require will also play a pivotal role in the amount you are charged. Some family law attorney’s will charge one rate for a certain number of hours while others may charge you on an hourly basis. This is especially true if your divorce is simple, straightforward, and uncontested. A divorce that requires less than 40 hours is often a flat fee.

What is the difference between an uncontested and a contested divorce?

When you and your spouse are in total agreement with the divorce process and the allocation of assets and debts, you can elect to file an uncontested divorce. This means neither you nor your spouse will disagree with any of the information that is filed to obtain the divorce.

Most uncontested divorces are reasonable as far as price goes. Some lawyers advertise these kinds of divorces starting at $500. Because an uncontested divorce is generally a smooth process, it is considered the most cost-effective option for couples to exercise, especially if you do not have children.

When you have children and are seeking a divorce, the courts must decide on the amount of child support they are entitled to receive. Even if you and your spouse have an agreement, your income must be provided to the court so the appropriate amount can be determined. This means you cannot file an uncontested divorce. You must file a contested divorce and may be subjected to higher fees.

How long does a divorce take?

The time it takes a divorce to become final depends on a few things. For instance, is your divorce contested or uncontested? Contested divorces tend to take much more time to complete because there can be many different factors involved.

If the divorce case surrounds the custody of a child or children, the wait may be even longer. Uncontested divorces can be completed much quicker. The state you file divorce in also determines the waiting period.

Once you have received your final judgment, each state requires that you wait a predetermined amount of time before it becomes official. You can speed up the process by ensuring that all of your paperwork is in order before you make your first consultation with your attorney. During your meeting, you can discuss the estimated time it should take before you are considered legally divorced.

Filing for divorce is never easy, but if you have all of the facts needed, you can complete the process and begin to look towards building a new life.